May 24, 2013

The Merlot Murders By Ellen Crosby - Wind Country Mystery #1

Title: The Merlot Murders - A wine country murder #1
Author: Ellen Crosby
ISBN: 9781416536048
Type: Mass Market Paperback
Synopsis: Leland Montgomery's death was deemed accidental, but when his daughter Lucie returns home from France, she finds the once-thriving family vineyard run down, collapsing under huge debt. Lucie's godfather warns her that Leland's demise may have been the result of an attempt to force the sale of the vineyard. Her extravagant brother and rebellious sister are determined to sell the estate, and there's something suspicious about the vintner her father hired right before he died. When another oenophile turns up dead, asphyxiated in a tank of Merlot, Lucie - the lone holdout preventing the vineyard's sale - realizes she's next in line for an "accident." Can she trust in the proverb in vino veritas - in wine there is truth - as she attempts to survive a very bad year for Merlot?
My Review: I know I have said this about cozies before, but I loved this book. I enjoy all cozies that I read but this even more than others. One thing I like is that there was a little history involved in the story telling. Lucie is a person that I liked from page one, I even felt sorry for her at times even though she I think she can be a strong person. Greg made me want to reach in the book and slap him silly as well as Eli. I did not like either of them. Quinn is a person that one minute I liked and the next I did not. I still think there is some sort of mystery behind him that I hope to find out more about in future books. This is a series that I plan on continuing. There are many people that this book can appeal to, wine lovers, history lovers and mystery lovers. The history of wine and merlot in particular was very interesting to me. I recommend this book to all. I give is five stars. 

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