July 6, 2016

Save Our Cozies Read - a - thon Spotlight

When: July 16, 2016
Where: In your home in your favorite reading spot

If you have not heard: a lot of our cozy mysteries have been cancelled and all others are in jeopardy of being lost to us. So to help save our cozies a lovely read-a-thon has been created by the Save Our Cozies group to show our support to the many cozy mystery authors out there. 

What is a cozy mystery you ask:
A sub-genre of mystery or crime fiction in which the violence is downplayed or happens “off screen”. The books tend to focus on non-professional crime solvers and contain little or no sex or foul language. For a complete definition visit the excellent Cozy-Mystery.com at http://www.cozy-mystery.com/Definition-of-a-Cozy-Mystery.html

What is an online cozy readathon?
An online readathon is an online 24 hour event that brings together a community of readers and authors to participate in all things cozy. This includes reading, posting frequently on social media, visiting author’s websites, posting reviews, visiting book blogger’s websites, and/or participating in fun challenges/activities. The amount and type of participation is up to the individual.

To find out even more about this read-a-thon and to sign up to be a part of all the fun, you can visit Save Our Cozies Read-a-thon Blog (click here). There will be many great prizes given away during this read-a-thon. 

I for one am looking forward to a nice day of reading and supporting my favorite cozy authors as well as finding a few authors that are new to me. 

I have featured many cozy mysteries here are my blog in the past. If you would like to see them please click on the word cozy mysteries on the right hand side of this blog or click here

We are all hoping by speaking out the publishers will hear our voice and keep those cozies coming for us to enjoy. If you plan to participate I would love to hear what you are going to be reading and that you are joining in. 

Even if you can't read for the full time that should not stop you from participating. If you can only read for an hour the support will be welcome. So whether you are in for the long or short haul, I look forward to "seeing" you there. 

How to sign up:
1 – In the comment box on Save Our Cozies Blog, tell them:
Name – What you would like to be known as during the readathon
Reader and/or Author
Blog address (Optional)
Online home – any social media site(s) that you want to use for the readathon (facebook, tumblr, twitter, Goodreads, etc.) Please provide a link so we can find your posts/activity during the readathon


2 – Email the above information to saveourcoziesreadathon@gmail.com. Please enter Readathon in the subject line.


3 – Message Save Our Cozies (Fanficfan44) on Goodreads.com

I would like to thank Save Our Cozies Readathon Blog as well as Franz Chapman for the images, parts of the wording, as well as for putting together this great adventure for us all to enjoy. 


  1. Hi Angela this is Tina (Franz Chapman on Facebook) I just have 2 concerns. Shelly Franz is the Admin for the Save Our Cozies Facebook group but she is not involved in the readathon, due to work responsibilities and is not admin for it. I just don't want people going to her with questions and then she will just have to direct them to me or the website.
    Your info on how to sign up says to sign up in the comment box below and I'm afraid people will try to sign up here on the comments to your blog rather than on the readathon blog. If you could just clarify that it would be great!

    Thanks so much for posting about the readathon to support us!