November 26, 2011

The Christmas Note by Donna VanLiere

  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780312658960
 Gretchen Daniels has recently moved into a condo with her two children to be closer to her mother, Miriam. She and her children are building a life together in a new community. A mysterious young woman, Melissa McCreary, lives next door to them. She has few possessions, little personality, and keeps to herself. One day a local landlord who is looking for Melissa knocks on Gretchen's door for assistance. Melissa's mother has died and in the coming weeks the landlord needs Melissa to empty her mother's apartment. Gretchen reaches out and offers to help Melissa, but the apartment is a gut-wrenching shambles of a home. There is little worth saving except for a few photos and a note that is discovered on the crate beside the bed. It is unfinished, but in the two scribbled lines Melissa discovers secrets about her family that she never could have imagined. can two very different women embark on a journey that explores a long-buried need for forgiveness, hope and redemption? Taken from the dust jacket of the book

I really enjoyed this book. It has been a little while since I have read a book by Donna but I am glad I did and now need to go back and read the other books in the Christmas series that I have not read yet. I really enjoyed Melissa and Gretchen. I love how Gretchen got Melissa to come out of her shell. I also love the few little surprises that happen in this book. I can't say more about that without spoiling the book. I also thought the way Miriam and Gloria got along was the funniest thing. The only thing I did not like about the book was it kind of left me hanging at the end but in a good way. Great fast fun holiday read. 5 Stars

FTC DISCLOSURE:I received this book in return for a fair and honest review.

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  1. I have looked at this series often and just never picked it up. I'm going to put this one on my GoodReads To-Read list, though. It sounds great. I'm a new follower who found you through the Just for Fun Challenge.