July 20, 2012

Book Blogger Hop - July 20th - 26th

This is a weekly meme hosted by Crazy for Books. This weeks question is: What’s the ONE super-hyped book you’ll NEVER read?

I can think of four that I won't read. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey. I have nothing against the books or the authors they are just not for me. What book that the whole world loves will you not read? I would like to hear your thoughts. 

July 15, 2012

Deep in the Valley by Robyn Carr (Grace Valley #1)

Title: Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley #1)
Author: Robyn Carr
Genre: Romance
Source: paperback swap
Published: Mira - January 1, 2010
Type:  Mass Market Paperback - 366 pages
ISBN: 9780778326953
Synopsis of Book: Visitors to the town often remark about the valley's peace and beauty—both of which are plentiful. Unlocked doors, front porches, pies cooling in the windows—this is country life at its finest. But visitors don't always see what lies at the heart of a community. Or just beyond… June Hudson grew up in Grace Valley, the daughter of the town doctor. Leaving only to get her medical training, she returned home and followed in her father's footsteps. Some might say she chose the easy, comfortable route…but June knows better.
For June, her emergency room is wherever she's needed—or wherever a patient finds her. She is always on call, her work is her life and these people are her extended family. Which is a good thing, since this is a town where you should have picked your husband in the ninth grade. Grace Valley is not exactly the place to meet eligible men—until an undercover DEA agent suddenly starts appearing at all sorts of strange hours.
Everybody has secrets down in the valley. Now June has one of her own.

Why I read this book: I read this book for more than one reason. First, I enjoyed reading all of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and wanted to learn more about Grace Valley. Second, my online book club chose to do this book as a buddy read.

What I liked: I liked how the town pulls together when there is a crisis. I enjoyed getting to know each of the town members. Some of my favorite characters in the book are June, John Stone, and police chief Tom. I also liked how it was not all roses in the book, you had struggle but you saw how they worked thru it together.

What I didn't like: I didn't  like that I read the Virgin River series first. If you have not read any of the books I recommend starting with the Grace Valley trilogy first and then move on to Virgin River. I felt like I was back tracking a bit. A few of the characters I did not like were Myrna - she was a little strange to me, Gus and the preacher.

Overall Impression: I enjoyed this book and even though I wish I would have read this series before the Virgin River series I still thought is was a very good book. I like how things turned out for some of the towns people and can't wait to read the next book to see how things work out for some of the other towns people. I love how the small town is so close without seeming to be in everyone's business. It is sure not like the small town I grew up in, Grace Valley is a town where you love to live. 5 stars for me.

July 13, 2012

Book Blogger Hop - July 13th - 19th

This is a weekly meme hosted by Crazy-for-Books. Please visit the link above to visit other book blogs. 

Here is this weeks question: How long does it take you to read a book?

For me it depends on the book. Normal sized books that are around 250-300 pages it takes me about a week or two to read. If a book is over 500 pages it may take a month. I am not a fast reader and I have to read every word of the book or I don't feel like I have finished it. I have read a book in one or two days but that is usually my cozy mysteries. 

How about you? How long does it take you to read a book?

July 8, 2012

Sprinkle with Murder (A Cupcake Bakery Mystery #1) By Jenn McKinlay

Title: Sprinkle with Murder (Cupcake Bakery Mystery #1)
Author: Jenn McKinlay
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Bought
Published: Penguin (Berkley Prime Crime Mystery) - March 2, 2010
Type:  Mass Market Paperback - 222 pages
ISBN: 9780425233429
Synopsis of Book: Melaine Cooper and Angie DeLaura are finally living out their dream as the proud owners of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery. Their first big order is a sweet deal, too -- five hundred cupcakes for a fashion designer's wedding. The only sour note is the demanding bridezilla who insists on original recipes for the cupcakes.
When Mel stumbles upon the bride-to-be-dead-by-cupcake, she immediately becomes the prime suspect. The police believe that a secret ingredient in the cupcakes caused her death. To save Mel and their business, the ladies need to find the real murderer -- before the cupcake killer ices someone else... - taken from the back of the book. 
Why I read this book: I am doing what is called a pen pal read with a friend on the Novel Ladies group that I belong to on Goodreads. Her and I chose to read a cozy mystery together. 
What I liked: I liked that this book was set around a cupcake bakery. It seems cupcakes are the up and coming thing and I like that. I also enjoyed the fast fun read that this book was. I liked Angie and how tough she was and how her brothers kept checking up on her. I liked how "cute" Mel sounded. The friendship between Mel, Angie and Tate was fun to read and how they would give each other movie quotes and the others would guess which movie it was from whenever they got together or talked to each other. It seems they also use that for a stress reliever. 
What I didn't like: I don't think there was anything I did not like about this book other than a couple of the characters. I did not like Alma as she was too dark and rude. The Bridezilla - Christie was a horrible person as well. What she demanded of each of her vendors was wrong. I think she was a spoiled rotten person. Another person I could not stand was Olivia - I wanted to reach thru the book and shake her.
Overall Impression: I loved this book and am so happy we chose this book to read. I liked the characters and the story line flowed very nicely. I was able to read this book in two days which is rare for me. I thought I had the right person picked for the murder but in the last chapter I found out I was wrong. There was also another little surprise at the end but I don't want to give it way but I was happy about that as well. I will be continuing on with this series. I give this book 5 stars. 

July 3, 2012

It Takes a Witch (Wishcraft Mystery #1)

Title: It Takes a Witch (Wishcraft Mystery #1)
Author: Heather Blake
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Bought
Published: Penguin - January 2012
Type:  Mass Market Paperback - 299 pages
ISBN: 9780451235527

Synopsis of Book: Until three weeks ago, Darcy and Harper were working dead-end jobs and trying to put their troubles behind them. Then their aunt Velma delivered a bombshell: They're actually Wishcrafters - witches with the power to grant wishes with a mere spell. Wanting a fresh start, they head to their aunt's magic-themed tourist town to master their newfound skills. 

But their magic fails them when a wannabe witch turns up dead - strangled with Aunt Ve's scarf - and Ve's sweetheart, Sylar, is found looming over the body. Ve is standing by her man, but Darcy overheard Sylar wish that the victim would disappear - forever. With Harper distracted by her handsome new crush. Darcy is determined to sleuth her way to the truth. But it'll take more than a wish to unravel this mystery. - taken from the back of the book

Why I read this book: I enjoy reading cozy mysteries and am doing two cozy challenges. I also read this book with a friend and we enjoy reading cozies together. 

What I liked: Easy to read, fun characters. I liked learning about each "craft" the different people have. The character development is good. I like that is does not give away too many clues of the mystery and just when you think you have it solved there is a twist and you find out you did not have the right person. 

What I didn't like: I am not sure what I think about the talking animals although I did like Pepe the mouse. I think I like the cozies that are a little more true to life and that you can believe. The wishcrafting is a little unbelievable even though it is cute. At the end of some of the chapters it seems there is an unfinished thought and you think the thought will be picked up in the next chapter but it is not. 

Overall Impression: I enjoyed reading this book and it went very fast for me. I also had a lot of reading time as I have been home sick. I liked Darcy and Nick and how they act together. Another of my favorite characters was little Mimi - Nick's daughter. I like Heather's other books a little better than this one, but I will continue on with the series so I can find out some more about the town. I am hoping the next book is based on Harper a little more. It was fun watching Darcy learn her "craft" and discover what she can and can't do. I give this book 3 1/2 stars.