August 7, 2012

Just Rewards by Barbara Taylor Bradford (Emma Harte Series #6)

Title: Just Rewards (Emma Harte #6)
Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
Genre: Romance
Source: bought
Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks - October 3, 2006
Type:  Mass Market Paperback - 480 pages
ISBN: 9780312985752
Synopsis of Book:
Linnet O'Neill, great-granddaughter of Emma Harte, finds herself following in the footsteps of the original woman of substance as she battles to modernize the family business. Returning from her honeymoon full of fresh ideas for bringing the Harte empire into the new century, Linnet locks horns with her mother, Paula, in a battle about the future...

Tessa Fairley is ready to start a new life after an acrimonious divorce--which might include rivaling her sister Linnet for the top spot in the Harte business.

India Standish, who is planning her own glamorous summer wedding in Ireland, is thrown off balance when her fiancé's daughter Atlanta comes to live with them--closely followed by his unstable ex-girlfriend, intent on trouble.

Evan Hughes, their American cousin, unwittingly brings an enemy into their midst. But Evan's sister Angharad, who tries to infiltrate the quartet of young women, meets Jonathan Ainsley, the deadly enemy of the Hartes.

Together they find themselves in a web of vengeance wherein no Harte is safe.
Why I read this book: I read the first book in this series a long time ago and fell in love with Emma and as each book came along her family as well. I am a fan of Barbara Taylor Bradford and enjoy her books.

What I liked: I like the strong ties and bonds of the families. I also enjoy how each book in the series ties in with the last one to make one great ongoing story

What I didn't like: Sometimes the book read a little slow for me but not enough for me to stop reading it. Other than that the only thing I do not like is a few of the characters.

Overall Impression:
As I said above I have enjoyed this series from book one – A Woman of Substance. Emma Harte has become an idol of mine and I wish I could only be as strong of a woman as she was. Not only was she a strong woman she was a good mother who passed on a good values and work ethic to her children. She had two great friends in her life that eventually became family thru marriage of the three “clans” children. This only made each family have a stronger connection and bond with each other. To be a part of their family would have been an honor.
In this book there were a lot of trials for the three clans (Hartes, Oneills, and Kallinskis). Each of these trials and tragedies brought the family closer except for one the infamous Jonathan Ainsley. He is still out to ruin the family. In this book we are introduced to a new family the Hughes. We find out about a deep secret that Robin kept hidden for many years. This secret will bring out good and bad. One of the best things this secret brought out was Evan. She was one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed learning about her and her talents. She fits right in with the Harte clan. One of the bad things brought out was Anghared, Evan’s adopted sister. She is a female version of Jonathan. I think we will hear more about her in the next book in the series and she is going to be trouble with a capital T.
There were many ups and downs. We had many marriages and a few babies and some good changes in the family. But we also saw the death of some loved ones and some tragedies with some of the family. These only pulled the family closer together. There is a little cliff hanger at the end of the book that makes you want to pick up the next one right away to see what is going to happen.
I am looking forward to reading the last book in the near future (I have a few others I need to get to first, lol) but I will also be saddened as that is the last book in the series and I will miss reading about the family I have come to love. If you have not read any of this series, I would suggest running out and getting A Woman of Substance as it was a can’t put down book and each book in the series just added to the story this one included. I wish Harte’s store was a real store that you could travel to England to see as it sounds wonderful. I give this book 4 stars.


  1. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the review. Would you mind telling me what order these books should be read in. As it turns out I have A Woman in Substance on my shelf and never read it. It is an awfully long book. My copy has 900 pages! Yikes!

    1. I would be happy to. Don't let the size of the book overwhelm you. It will pull you right in and you will want to keep reading. Here is the order of the books.

      Emma Harte Series
      1. A Woman of Substance
      2. Hold the Dream
      3. To Be the Best
      4. Emma's Secret
      5. Unexpected Blessings
      6. Just Rewards
      7. Breaking the Rules

  2. Great review! =)

    I havent read this series..but it definitly sounds interesting!