May 2, 2013

The Last Lord of Paradise by Vivian LeMay

Title: The Last Lord of Paradise
Author: VIvian LeMay
ISBN:  ebook
Synopsis: Secrets
of the past--Love stories both wonderful and sad, span six generations in
this Kindle series.

"Intriguing Family Saga..."  Melanie Johnston
"Compelling Eeriness and Fantastic Characterization..." Naomi D. Musch
"Intriguing historical fiction..." WiLoveBooks

. . . . . .
I remembered that autumn day when a party from the Compagnie Franche de la Marine visited our village. They came to recruit men for the war in New France and Papa allowed them into our orchard. I was only sixteen, enchanted by the handsome young marines in their blue uniforms...

It was the sparkle of energy in his blue eyes that caught me, and I smiled. His gaze was so intense I thought he'd pierced my soul and as he bowed to kiss my hand, his very presence dominated me. Anton had that affect on everyone he met.

We wed quickly and weeks later Anton was called to war. It was now nine years since I saw my husband. There were a few letters from him during the war, before France surrendered her lands in North America to the British--after the surrender, nothing. Our troops came home, but not Anton. I fought off the bitterness, and tried to hope, but there had been no word at all for the last five years.

Then last winter Monsieur Lavelle arrived at our chateau with a letter from Anton. His letter invited me to join him in the wilderness of Canada at his own secret settlement called Paradis. Anton sent Monsieur Lavelle for me, because he was clearing land, planting crops and building a home for me. It said nothing about where Anton was for all those years, but my husband was alive. He still loved me and wanted me with him. I thought only of Anton and the future as I packed my trunk that very day.

The Marquise Jeanne Reneau, 1766 on the shore of the Detroit River 

My Review: This was an interesting book for me to read. I must admit I don't read many books on my kindle but I thought I would give this one a try. This is the story of a woman who marries a man and then does not see him for nine years as he is sent off to war in France. The next thing we know is she gets a letter asking her to come live with him in Canada. When she gets there she is amazed by what she finds. The author did a very good job with descriptions in this book, I felt as if I could see everything that her husband had accomplished as well the beautiful landscapes. The way the characters were developed in this story was also done in a very good manner, you could easily imagine them as real people. Even though this was a short story it packed quite the punch. I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I give this book three stars. 

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