July 2, 2013

Review of SoyLicious Products

Have you heard of Soylicious? Maybe not yet but I am going to tell you a little about them. They have melter pots, warmers, tarts, melter jems and a whole lot more and the best thing about their products is that they are  made with Soy products. I have had the pleasure of using their night lighter melter, melter gems and their tarts.

This is the plug in melter that I have and I must tell you that I love it. I like the fact that the whole thing glows and light comes from the whole thing not just the holes around the top. Which makes for a great night light.

Take a look at these melter gems. Each bag of gems comes with a ring which could be worth as much as $1000 or as little as $10 I have the green grass one and love the smell of it. The nice thing about the gems is the easy clean up. When you are all done with them you just throw them out, now waxy clean up. 

Here are the tarts. They have many different sized blocks you can choose from as well as many different scents. I like the variety of scents as well as the fact that they are soy products and they clean up nicely when you done with that scent. 

This is just a small sampling of the products they have to offer. SoyLicious also offers candles, spa therapy, soaps and so much more. I invite you to check out the website for my SoyLicious consultant Sandy. Click here to check out her website or here for her Facebook page. Just shoot her an email or contact her through Facebook with any questions you may have, to place an order or to have a party. Don't forget to like her on Facebook so you will hear about her specials going on. Just tell her Angela sent you. I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do. 

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  1. I've been seeing these on Facebook, and they sound awesome!
    I need to order some Tarts soon! =)

    Thanks for the review!