December 18, 2014

Clean This! 320 Reasons to Stop Cleaning by Mary McHugh

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Clean This! by Mary McHugh
ISBN: 9780740757204

Synopsis: While surely most of us have survived some sort of cleaning in our lifetime, why take chances any longer? Pick up Clean This! 320 Reasons to Stop Cleaning by author Mary McHugh and revel in hundreds of tips on how to avoid cleaning. Things you could be doing instead of cleaning, and if you must clean, ways to get it down with the least amount of effort. 

So put down the broom and let the dust bunnies multiply. Remember, no one has ever changed the world by cleaning a bathroom!

My review: What a funny little book this was to read. I loved the tips on reasons not to clean. One of my favorites was Persuade some TV producer to do a reality show in your house. Then they'll have to clean it. Who is not looking for ways to get out of cleaning pick up this amusing book and Mary will give you 320 reasons why you should stop. Here are a few more reasons to wet your whistle - brooms are for witches and the only reason to clean is to put off doing something else. This is a fun little book you could read in one sitting. I can't wait to read all of Mary's books. 

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