October 27, 2016

Susan Furlong - Cozy Mystery Author Spotlight, Interview and Giveaway

I am going to be hosting a number of cozy mystery authors on my blog for the next two months. If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a cozy mystery I encourage you to do so. The cozy mystery industry as a whole is in danger of being lost as the publishers are ending a number of series. Please note that not all series I will be sharing are in danger. There are many that will be continuting on as normal. I just wanted to do my part to make everyone aware of this genre as a whole. 

Today I will be showcasing Susan Furlong

About this author:
Susan is a mystery writer living in the Midwest. She writes the Georgia Peach Mysteries (Penguin Random House) and also penned books four and five the New York Times bestselling Novel Ideas Mysteries, written as Lucy Arlington.

Watch for Susan’s new suspense novels, featuring a female MP/dog handler, coming in 2018 from Kensington Books.

Where to follow this author;
Twitter: @foulplayauthor

1.Who or what inspired you to start writing?
I used to be a teacher, but when our first child--our son--was born, I wanted to be home with him, so I started writing to supplement my income. I worked as a translator and a contracted content/academic writer for many, many years. I started writing fiction in 2010. I began with short stories and eventually worked up to novels. My first novel was published in 2013 by a small press.

2. What do you do to help you get over writer's block?
Some days the words just flow. Other days, each word is an effort. On those days, I simply keep typing. That’s the only way I know to overcome writer’s block.

3. Do you have scheduled writing time or a certain amount of words you write each day?
I write full time, 6-8 hours each weekday. And sometimes on weekends, depending on my deadline schedule.

4. How did you choose this genre to write?
I read mysteries, so writing mysteries comes naturally to me.

5. Where do you get your ideas for your books?
My agent—who’s smart as a whip and very creative—often helps me brainstorm and develop ideas. She’s excellent at coming up with titles, too.

6. When you are not writing what do you like to do?
I love spending time with family: large meals, games, picnics, watching movies, or simply just hanging out together. I also like martial arts, shooting guns, hiking, fishing, kayaking, gardening, and just about anything outdoors.

7. What one piece of advice would you like to give to aspiring writers?
Discipline is key to being a professional writer. You have to be prepared to write through whatever life throws your way: illness, loss … stressful and difficult times. Sometimes the words are difficult, seemingly impossible even, but you have to keep pounding them out.

8. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you like to visit?

9. Five interesting facts about yourself
I can do the splits, both ways.
I can’t carry a tune, but I sing anyway. Loudly.
I love Twizzlers.
I’m not much for ‘small talk’.
I don’t like crowds.

What did I learn about this author:
Susan writes for at least six hours a day. She likes to going hiking, shoot guns and spend time outdoors. Her advice to writers is to use discipline to stay focused. Like me she does not like crowds. What did you learn about her?

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Prize: There will be two winners for this giveaway. One winner will get their choice of Off the Books or Played by the Book and the other winner will get their choice of Rest in Peach or Peaches and Scream
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Stayed tuned for the next author!


  1. My favorite setting is somewhere camping near a lake during the fall with a cozy fire.

  2. I love the snowny mountains with a nice fire and lots of books

  3. I like sitting on the front porch on a cool day with hot cup of tea and a good cozy mystery.

  4. I love this titles in this series! So catchy and creative. Just sucks you right in there. Learned a lot from the article. Thank you. Thibk inwill add one of these to my TBR list and try that out! Never know. Love mysteries. Karen Simpson

  5. A charming and beautiful beach town which gives me hope.

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  7. Great interview! I love the Georgia Peach series and am looking forward to Susan's new suspense series! My favorite cozy setting is a small town.

  8. I don't like crowds either. As for setting, it doesn't matter much to me as long as the story is good.

  9. I just started reading Peaches and Scream - I love it! Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  10. I love this! Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to reading this series!

  11. My favorite mystery setting is in a small fictional town with cool shops, bakeries, coffeehouses etc... and lots of fun and sometimes eccentric characters ~ I wish I could do the splits both ways!

  12. I learned that she's very disciplined and family oriented. And hates crowds -- my husband does also. Interesting interview. Dianne

  13. I have been anxious to read the "Peaches" series and the "Books" series. My favorite setting for books is a small town or village. I hate crowds myself and I admire you for being so disciplined with your writing.

  14. My favorite setting for a cozy would be staged at a cabin in the mountains.

  15. My fave setting for cozy mysteries is small towns where everybody knows everybody & there's a lot of gossip! I love the Georgia Peach series, but, have yet to start reading Susan's Novel Idea series. Thanks for hosting the give-a-way Angela!

  16. I enjoy the Novel Ideas series. Did not know that Susan wrote as Lucy Arlington. I'll be checking out her books as Susan Furlong.
    Thank-you for the opportunity.

  17. I like homey small towns!! I like your books!

  18. My favorite setting for cozy mysteries are in small towns. In small towns people seem to know just about everyone in town and what they're up to, making for interesting situations.

  19. great interview. love this author so much! no need to enter since i have read her books and loved them!

  20. wrapped in a nice throw on a cool day

  21. My favorite setting for cozy mysteries is a small town, where everyone knows everyone and there is a sense of community.

  22. I love small town settings where the town's people are part of the character line up

  23. I like small town settings--especially those with wooded areas nearby with lots of woodland animals.

  24. I love to read just about anywhere, but especially snugged on the couch with and or a cat or dog.

  25. I like small towns..bookstores/cafe's bakeries

    Tracy Shafer

  26. Some of my favorite cozy settings are bookstores, libraries, beaches, and chocolate shops. I don't think I could pick just one favorite, just like I couldn't pick one favorite author. Too many good ones!

  27. I prefer a cabin in the mountains with snow on the ground and a cozy fire :)