September 9, 2012

Down by the River by Robyn Carr (Grace Valley #3)

Title: Down by the River
Author: Robyn Carr
Genre: Romance
Source: Paperback Swap
Published: Mira - January 1st 2010 (reprint)
Type:  Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780778326977
Synopsis of Book: June Hudson is the town's doctor, a caring, capable woman who now has a bit of explaining to do. People are beginning to notice the bloom in her cheeks—and the swell of her belly. Happily, DEA agent Jim Post is back in June's arms for good, newly retired from undercover work and ready for new beginnings here in Grace Valley.
Expecting the unexpected is a way of life in Grace Valley, and the community is overflowing with gossip right now. Who is the secret paramour June's aunt Myrna is hiding? Does the town's poker-playing pastor have too many aces up his sleeve? But when dangers, from man and nature, rise up with a vengeance to threaten June and the town, this community pulls together and shows what it's made of. And Jim discovers the true meaning of happiness here in Grace Valley: there really is no place like home.
Why I Read This Book: I read this book for two reasons, first I am a Robyn Carr fan and have read this entire series and second I read this with some of the Novel Ladies.
What I liked: I liked reading about the small town and all the residents. I also enjoyed how the people in the book felt real, this could be a town you live in or have traveled thru. 
What I didn't Liked: The ending of the book because I felt like I was moving away from my friends and would never see them again. I wanted this book/series to go on just a little longer. I would have liked to have at least one more book in this series. 
Overall Impression: I was so happy that Jim was there to stay. I liked how he gave June her time she needed to get used to him being around even though they were going to be a family soon. It was kind of funny seeing June go thru all the pregnancy issues and realizing even though she is a doctor she still needs someone to tell her about things she should know but since it is happening to her she does not see it. The town had quit a few things happen in this book that made them even closer if that is possible. I liked Myrna's little surprise she got from her pen pal. Jurea played a big part in helping out a member of the town. I really felt like I was a part of this community while reading this book and felt as if some new friends were made and old hatchets buried. I wish that Robyn Carr would have kept this series going like she did the Virgin River series, I was sad to see it end. This was actually my favorite out of the three in the trilogy. 5 stars. 

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