September 22, 2012

Pleating for Mercy by Melissa Bourbon (Magical Dressmaking #1)

Title: Pleating for Mercy (Magical Dressmaking #1)
Author: Melissa Bourbon
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Bought
Published: Signet, August 2, 2011
Type:  Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780451234360
Synopsis of Book:When her great-grandmother passes away, Harlow Jane Cassidy leaves her job as a Manhattan fashion designer and moves back to Bliss, Texas. But when she opens a dressmaking boutique in the turn-of-the-century farmhouse she inherited, Harlow senses an inexplicable "presence". Her old friend Josie orders a gown for her upcoming wedding, but when Josie's boss turns up dead, Harlow has to find the killer-with a little help from beyond.
Why I Read This Book: I saw this book online and thought it looked like a fun book to read. I also read it along with my friend.
What I liked: I liked the "gifts" that Harlow and the females each had and the fact that they were each a different gift. I liked that they "gifts" were not witchcraft to me. I also like Gracie who Harlow is going to teach how to sew and is the daughter of Will - who I think in future books will become the love interest.
What I didn't Liked: I can't think of anything that I did not like about this book
Overall Impression: I enjoyed that this was a fun fast book to read. Harlow was not real sure about coming home to Bliss but then the longer she is home she more she is glad she did. Her Meemaw has passed away and left her the family home which Harlow turns into her dressmaking shop. From the beginning Meemaw communicates to Harlow from beyond and it is fun the way Harlow is learning about that. Harlow gets a big job making four dresses for a wedding for a well known family. The night after the whole wedding party plus a few extras show up at the shop one of the bridesmaids ends up dead in Harlow's yard. Before you know it Harlow finds herself involved in trying to solve who killed Nell in her yard. Follow Harlow along her journey to solve the crime and to get to know the townspeople all over again. Oh and don't forget the handsome Will who Meemaw made arrangements with to do handywork around the shop before she passed. I am anxious to see how Will and Harlow's relationship continues to grow which is just what Meemaw would have wanted.  I look forward to continuing on with this series. 5 stars. 

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