December 25, 2013

Mistletoe Memories by various authors

Mistletoe Memories by Jennifer Allee, Carla Olson Gade, Lisa Karon Richardson and Gina Welborn
ISBN: 9781624161278
Trade Paperback

Synopsis: In 1820, Stephan Yost is the resident carpenter of Schooley's Mountain, New Jersey's fashionable resort. When he finds himself enamored by spirited Annaliese Braun, he vows to build her a home by Christmas.
Heartbroken Civil War  widow Marianne Plum thanks the Lord very day that she never had children, especially a Christmas draws near. Then the charming and joyful Ezekiel Norcross begs her to give an orphaned girl a place to say.
Olympia Paris never had a family outside the orphanage she grew up in and now manages. On the brink of another lean Christmas in 1910, Theodore Carstairs arrives with plans to revitalize the town by rebuilding the resort. Too bad he'll have to tear down the orphanage to do it.
When funding dries up a month before Christmas, Joy Bennucci declares she'll do everything in her power to keep a transitional home for foster kids operating. Even if she has to turn to modern-day Scrooge Evan Lancaster to do it.
Will Christmas be the season of miracles in their lives?

My review: I enjoyed reading these stories and following the house through the years and to see how it touched people's lives. Another thing I liked was the orphan theme and how there was a person and/or people who cared so much about them that they would do anything for them. I can't pick a favorite story because they were all so good. A very enjoyable Christmas story from four authors that are new to me.

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  1. This book sounds very interesting!
    I havent read it yet, - thanks for the review!