November 16, 2014

Thirty - One Review plus a Giveaway

I have bought quite a few things from Thirty-One recently and I have to say I love them all. There are so many things that I like that I do not know if I could pick a favorite. I am going to give you my opinion on a few of the things I have then be sure to enter the giveaway from Sandy at Thirty-One. 

If you want to check out Sandy's website and view the catalog you can click here.

 Be sure to contact Sandy as she offers many specials that are not in the catalog. You can email her at mnvikings84 (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Suite Skirt Purse

I have this purse and two of the skirts to go with it. It is perfect for a night out or an everyday purse. By purchasing the different skirts they have to go over this you can have a new purse anytime you want by just changing out the skirt. This purse holds more than you think it will. 

Deluxe utility with cinch topper

 I have to say when you are traveling this is a must have. When we went to Nebraska for seven days we used this as our suitcase and not only did it fit all of our clothes but we had room to spare. 

Everyday wristlet

 My daughter likes to use when we are going to town and you do not want to take your whole purse with you. 

Lunch break thermal

Thermal Tote

We have both of these at my house. Both can keep your lunch or drinks cold for some time. I drive an hour to work each and put my lunch in there and when I get to work my food is still cold. I love the pocket on the side as the thermal tote as well as it has come in handy. 

OH Snap Bin

This is my newest purchase. It is a fun little bag that can hold quite a few things as you will see in a minute. The unique thing about this bag is that the handle snaps and you can attach the bags together. I think this is the perfect bag to use to put gifts in instead of wrapping them. 

Now on to the giveaway - Sandy is giving away a spa in a bag for one lucky winner. You will receive an OH Snap bin along with - two face masks, soap, lotion, candle, two bath poof,  body spray, two kinds of chocolate, puzzle book, and an ink pen. Everything you need for a relaxing day. 

Here is a picture of the prize you will win

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  1. I think i would like the metro retro weekender

  2. I have two large utility totes and love them! I use them all the time for everything.

  3. I like the metro retro fold over.

  4. I love the fresh market thermal!

  5. I love the Large Utility Totes! I use them for everything! Out of season shoes, another for Barbies, 1 for games, knitting, etc. They are absolutely wonderful :)

  6. I have two utility totes and I love them for my Crocheting projects

  7. I love the large utility tote! I use mine for everything :)