April 30, 2013

Royal Mistress by Anne Easter Smith

Title: Royal Mistress
Author: Anne Easter Smith
Type: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9781451648621
Synopsis: From the author of A Rose for the Crown and Daughter of York comes another engrossing historical novel of the York family in the Wars of the Roses, telling the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the final and favorite mistress of Edward IV.

Jane Lambert, the quick-witted and alluring daughter of a silk merchant, is twenty-two and still unmarried. When Jane’s father finally finds her a match, she’s married off to the dull, older silk merchant William Shore—but her heart belongs to another. Marriage doesn’t stop Jane Shore from flirtation, however, and when the king’s chamberlain and friend, Will Hastings, comes to her husband’s shop, Will knows his King will find her irresistible.

Edward IV has everything: power, majestic bearing, superior military leadership, a sensual nature, and charisma. And with Jane as his mistress, he also finds true happiness. But when his hedonistic tendencies get in the way of being the strong leader England needs, his life, as well as that of Jane Shore and Will Hastings, hang in the balance.

This dramatic tale has been an inspiration to poets and playwrights for 500 years, and told through the unique perspective of a woman plucked from obscurity and thrust into a life of notoriety, Royal Mistress is sure to enthrall today’s historical fiction lovers as well.

My Review: I am a fan of historical fiction so I was glad I got picked to do a review of this book. This book is about the rise and fall of Jane Shore who is someone I have not read or heard about before so I was intrigued fro the beginning. Jane was called the"merriest mistress" of Edward IV. Jane's parents are upset that she is not going to find a match so they find one for her in a dull merchant by the name of William Shore but Jane is in love with someone else. She is then noticed by Will Hastings and then by the King where she becomes his mistress for seven years. Jane seems to be the mistress to many men in her life. I enjoyed reading this book and getting to know more about Jane. After finishing this book I now want to read more about her. The author did a very good job of keeping the store historically accurate and describing both the characters and the setting. I will be reading more books by this author. I will admit there may have been a few spots where I wanted the book to move a little faster but that seems to be the case with this time period in general but then there are parts of the book that I can't put it down. I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I give it 4 stars. * This book is not going to be published until May , 2013

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  1. I'm almost finished reading this book and then I'll write a review. I did like the book and will give it a favorable review. Although, I could have done without the details of body parts and other descriptions that belong in private. I still enjoyed reading about Jane Shore's life. Like you I'd not read a book about her before.