January 10, 2016

Instant Happy Journal by Karen Salmansohn

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for a review

Published: October 6, 2015
Number of pages: 368
Genre: Self Help

This colorful diary inspires journalers to apply happiness guru Karen Salmansohn'sInstant Happy principles to their everyday lives, with 365 prompts to encourage a year of gratitude.

On the heels of Karen Salmansohn's wildly popular gift book Instant Happy comes this happiness journal, with daily prompts to help you think about and apply happiness wisdom to your own life. Each page features a specific intention, inspiring quote, surprising scientific fact, or thought-provoking question to ponder. When you approach your day with Salmansohn's "happiness prompters" in mind, you amp up your ability to notice (and create!) many more joyous moments in your day. But that's just half of what it takes to live a supremely happy life. This journal teaches the top two habits of happy people: to naturally set their intention to enjoy a happy day, then end the day reflecting on what made them happy. When you end your day writing about what went right, you further strengthen your happiness mindset. With fill-in dates so that you can write and reflect at your own pace, this little journal features a graphic design and fresh attitude perfect for today's modern happiness-seeker.

What did I think of this book:
I think this is a nice little journal to help you keep your happiness going throughout the year. I like how the author uses different prompts to get you started with your journaling. One day you may make a list and the other day you may journal about your feelings. This is a good journal for both adults and young adults to use. This journal is the perfect size that you can carry it with you that way you can do your daily journaling whenever the mood hits you. I recommend this book to those who would like to get started in journaling but don't know where to start. 

About the author:
Karen Salmansohn (http://notsalmon.com/) is a best selling author and award winning designer - with over 1 million books sold - who is passionate about empowering people to live their happiest, highest potential lives. She's known for creating a new breed of self help - for people who would never be caught dead doing self help - because she merges a range of psychological and philosophical research with humor and stylish graphics.


Some popular webinars: THE DO IT PROGRAM (Turn your diet into a do it - get tools to retrain your brain so you naturally want to eat healthier. Feel and look good - for good!) THE NEVER AGAIN PROGRAM (Say never again to toxic partners. Get tools and support to heal and move on - to find a safe-feeling, supportive relationship with someone who "gets you" and wants to keep you. Toxic love stops here. Happy relationships start now!)

Karen's been a featured happiness expert on The Today Show, The View, CNN, Fox News, Bill Maher's show - and is also a columnist for Oprah, Psychology Today, CNN, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Match, Huffingtonpost - and then some. She's been raved about in such media entities as: The N.Y. Times, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Magazine, Marie Claire, Fast Company, InStyle, Self, ELLE, New Yorker, etc She's also an in demand keynote speaker on how to increase happiness, creativity, productivity, stick-to-itiveness, and bouncing back from hard times. She gave a TEDx talk on the topic of "Fun Is A High Performance Fuel."

Karen's also the founder of notsalmon.com - a highly popular inspirational site! She calls her site notsalmon - because everyone's always mispronouncing her last name as Salmon - saying Karen SALMON-sohn instead of SALMAN-sohn. So she's always saying NOT-SALMON. She figured it was easier for people to find her on the internet if her site were simply NOT-SALMON.com

She's also known for her viral "Inspirational Flashcard" posters - which have attracted about 350,000 fans on Facebook! She's a big believer that a "spoonful of eye candy helps the self-help medicine go down" - thereby most of her books include playful and kinetic design, which she creative directs. (Her Bounce Back Book even has a symbolic snazzy red rubber cover!)

Some quirky insider info: Karen's shared man-taming tips with Madonna. She's swapped book writing tips with Goldie Hawn, Deepak Chopra and Peter Guber. She's had her novel optioned by Marissa Tomei and Miramax. She's enjoyed seeing her work featured by Julian Lennon and Eminem - without her ever sending it them! Plus Jon Stewart has read and loved her writing - and specifically told her how much he loves her humor in her writing. He even committed to saying so in an official blurb: "Karen Salmansohn has the spirit and sass of a stand up comic." This makes Karen one of the few (and most likely ONLY!) inspirational authors with Jon-Stewart-approved humor!

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