April 26, 2018

Blame it on Scotland by Patience Griffin - Review

I  received this book free from the author. All opinions are my own

Book details
Series: Kilts and Quilts (Book 7)
Paperback: 330 pages
Publisher: Kilts & Quilts Publishing (April 1, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1732068402
ISBN-13: 978-1732068407

Book description
From the author of It Happened in Scotland—a charming new romance set in the magical Scottish Highlands.

The quilters of Gandiegow expand more than their quilting enterprise into the village of Whussendale. They bring along a heavy dose of good-hearted meddling, too. What’s the outcome? Love will never be the same…

When Tuck MacBride, Gandiegow’s favorite scapegoat, is blamed for a fisherman’s tragic accident, Tuck takes on extra work to secretly funnel his earnings to the maimed fisherman’s family. Haunted by the mistaken turn of events, Tuck is working night and day. Even so he can’t stop thinking about the new lass who has just arrived in town.

Ryn Breckenridge has no one left in the world. To fulfill her mother’s last request, Ryn travels to Scotland to return a quilt to her long lost cousin. Hoping to rebuild family ties, Ryn volunteers to help her cousin at the upcoming quilt retreat. But there is more than quilting on Ryn’s mind. The irresistible Tuck MacBride is proving to be a dangerous distraction.

Ryn’s past is riddled with bad boys like Tuck, who have left her alone and broken. She vows to stay away, but can’t help taking a closer look when she realizes there is more to Tuck than meets the eye. Both of their pasts contain shattered promises, but Scotland is known to bring reluctant hearts together. Will the two of them be willing to cross the deep chasm between them and find love? If they do, they will only have Scotland to blame…

Meet the author - Patience Griffin
Award-winning author Patience Griffin has been writing and sewing her whole life but didn’t discover her love of quilting until her late thirties. She decided the best way to acquire her first quilt was to make one for herself. At nearly the same time, she started commuting three and half hours a day for her dream engineering job. To pass the time on the long drive, she got hooked on audiobooks—especially books with love stories. Within a couple of years, she was writing stories of her own. It was no surprise to her family and friends when she combined her love of quilting, her small town roots, and her obsession with Scottish romances into novels. She has gained some recognition with her September 11th Story Quilt which has toured the country as the property of the Pentagon. Her first book, To Scotland with Love, received a Publishers Weekly *starred reviewed, won the New England Readers’ Choice award and Golden Quill for best first book and was also a double RITA® finalist. Patience’s Kilts and Quilts series takes place in small town Scotland and set around a group of quilters. She loves to write about home, heart, and community.

My thoughts
Another hit by Patience. This book grabbed me from the first page and I am still thinking about it after I am done with it. Tuck really found a place in my heart after reading this book. I know we got to know him a little in the last book but we now know him even better. My heart went out to Ryn as we got to know her. Then you have the horrible accident to John which made you feel for him and his family but it just seemed like Tuck could not shake his bad luck. Of course Deydie was her good ole' self keeping everyone in line. It was nice to catch up with all the old friends from the previous books. This book was well worth the read. 

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