April 13, 2015

The Queen of Sparta by T. S. Chaudhry

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review
The Queen of Sparta by T.S. Chaudhry
ISBN: 9781782797500

Xerxes, the Great King of Persia invades Greece in 480 B.C. at the head of a massive army. Three hundred Spartans and King Leonidas die heroically blocking the Persian advance at the pass of Thermopylae. The Persians are poised to conquer all of Greece. The only one standing in their way is a woman – Gorgo, Queen of Sparta. Though history has relegated her role to that of a bystander, what if she played a central role in the Greek resistance to the Persian invasion. What if she kept her true role a secret in order to play it more effectively? What if she was hiding other secrets too – dark secrets of murder and vengeance? What if the only person who truly appreciated her genius was an enemy prisoner whom she has vowed to kill? What if after their victory, the Greeks started to turn on each other? What if, eventually, Gorgo had to choose between the security of Sparta and safety of her son? And what if the only one who could find a way out is the same prisoner who had once fought against the Spartans?
This was an interesting book. I enjoyed reading about Gorgo and her history of protecting Sparta. The author did his research which made his descriptions of places and events more vivid. This book is full of mysteries and secrets which helps in keeping you interested in the story. I have not read anything about this time period or this Queen so it was a learning experience as well as entertaining for me. I like that the author says that fiction is art imitating life. I recommend this book to history buffs. 

About the author:
T. S. Chaudhry was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, a master’s degree from Harvard University, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Formerly a Pakistani diplomat, Chaudhry currently works for the United Nations on peace and security issues in Africa.

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