October 19, 2017

Trail of Defects by Sara Candell - Spotlight and Guest Post


Book details
Cozy Mystery 4th in Series - 
Author Notes - It is a series but can stand alone. 
Self Published (May 23, 2016) 
Paperback: 260 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1541057531 

Book description
This modern day mystery contains unpredictable elements, reminiscent of earlier days in the Wild West. Crime waves in a small town can be confusing but it is especially daunting for Sheriff Hobson. It is unclear which side of the law his townspeople are on. Starting with an armed robbery of Kelly’s Lounge, elder abuse, and a runaway child, strange happenings pileup.

Meet the author - Sara Candell
I grew up in a small ranching community in Colorado where I learned to judge beef on the hoof and under wrap. After moving around the country for my husband’s career and catching college courses as I could, I finally found myself in one place long enough to finish my degree. I was an artist (acrylic), raised three children, managed offices, and started my own genealogy resource business before weaving my stories and experiences into novels. I now lives in central Texas with my patient husband and four cats. In my spare time I do genealogy and historical research and nurses orphan kittens back to health for the local animal shelter.

Twitter: @CaudellSara 

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Guest post
Character point of view

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Hobson, and I have been the Sheriff of Cimarron County, Colorado for eighteen years. The Sheriff has to run for re-election every four years and the last election no one has run against me. A couple to times a year I threaten the county commissioners that I am going to quit. They usually offer me something to placate me but, it’s never an increase in salary. They offered me a ‘better’ used car last time. I just laughed and told them to put new tires on the old one. They agreed.
Cimarron County doesn’t have much money. We are mostly a ranching community. Hay and beef cattle are our main products. One new guy is trying his hand with an apple orchard. I hope it works out for him.

The interstates are either 70 miles north or 150 miles east, so our tourist trade is minimal. The county seat is the town of Cold Springs, with a population less than 2,700 people. Last count, the county population was almost 12,000. My two deputies and I are the only law enforcement in the county. I am able to call on two young ranchers for part-time deputies in an emergency. We are in the modern world, our town has it’s own website at saracaudell.com. You can learn about the town and the residents.

We don’t have much crime in Cimarron County, just the usual car accident, DUI, theft, assault and an occasional abuse problem. The usual things they have in the big city, just on a much smaller scale but it takes us longer to get there with the size of the county.

A few crimes have happened here that maybe unusual in large cities. An occasional cattle hauler decides to take these mountain curves too fast and turns his truck over. We spend out time rounding up cattle. We had some abused horses shot at one of our rescue ranches. Susie Wheeler who owns the ranch and retrains abused horses is a real nice lady. She has a large black bull as a watchdog for her property that sometimes creates a problem. Colorado Animal protection came in to help us on that problem. We ran in circles for several days, but we found the culprit. (They Don’t Shoot Horses.)

Another time several abused women were brought in from out of state without my knowledge and I wasn’t able to give them the type of protection they needed. Two husbands found out where they were staying and one of them was shot. Several Cimarron County residents heard my complaints about that. I almost fired my part-time deputies, too. (Shattered Sanctuary.)

We even had a crime wave here not long ago. It started with Kelly O’Conner’s Lounge just outside of town being robbed at gunpoint. There were no leads at the time. Then a couple days later, we had an out-of-town woman killed and a young lady decided to runaway from home after an argument with her mother. We had more suspects than I could run down and my deputies had to go find the kid. The investigation got very confusing but I finally figured it out. Explaining it to the District Attorney was interesting. I think he drank his lunch that day, and he is a teetotaler. (Trail of Defects.)

Sorry, my lunch break is over and I need to get back to the office before Dee starts looking for me. Dee is my office help; dispatch, computer expert, janitor. She does a little of everything, including keeping tack of my deputies and me.

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