March 6, 2015

An Uncertain Choice by Jody Hedlund - Spotlight and Giveaway

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Today we are going to visit the castle where An Uncertain Choice takes place. So let's get going.

Lady Rosemarie's Castle

Inside the castle
How would you like to dine here? The detail is so great. See the wood detail work on the wall. I can imagine it took a very long time to create this room.

Want to see what you can see from the castle? Well let's journey on. 

Looking out of the castle

The Rose Gardens

We have many rooms in the castle to explore. There is the Great Hall where the golden chair is and where meetings and dances are held, It is a large room with high vaulted ceilings, arched stained glass windows, lush tapestries, and a long strip of gold carpet. The dining hall with the intricate wood detail on the walls and doors. The Stables where our fine horses are kept. The kitchen where only the help enters. The bedrooms which are decorated so that you have a relaxing place to rest. The dungeon where you dare not step for fear of what or who you might see. 

I can just imagine walking through the grand halls of the castle making my way out to the beautiful rose gardens. The colors of roses a plentiful - red, yellow, pink, purple and all the green. It is a peaceful place to go and collect your thoughts about which prince you are going to choose. 

When you leave the castle grounds you are surrounded by lush green forests that would be easy to get lost in if you did not know your way. If you want to have a day away from the castle you can make your way to the market and see the wares on display. 

I now invite you to view the pinterest board that is set up to view Jody's collection of castles. Jody Hedlund's Pinterest Castle Board (click here) 

Due to her parents' promise at her birth, Lady Rosemarie has been prepared to become a nun on the day she turns eighteen. Then, a month before her birthday, a friend of her father's enters the kingdom and proclaims her parents' will left a second choice--if Rosemarie can marry before the eve of her eighteenth year, she will be exempt from the ancient vow.

Before long, Rosemarie is presented with the three most handsome and brave knights in the land. But when the competition for her heart seemingly results in a knight playing foul, she begins to wonder if the convent is the best place after all. If only one of the knights--the one who appears the most guilty--had not already captured her heart.

Jody's Bio:

Jody Hedlund is a best-selling and award-winning author who loves fairy- tales and happily-ever-afters. She makes her home in Midland, MI with her husband and five children. When she's not writing another of her page-turning stories, you can usually find her sipping coffee, eating chocolate, and reading.

Contact Jody:

I hang out on Facebook here: Author Jody Hedlund
I also love to chat on Twitter: @JodyHedlund
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Interview with Jody:

After writing for the adult market, why did you decide to transition to young adult books?
I have five children and three of them are now teens. That means that over the past few years I've ended up reading a lot of books in the Young Adult genre not only to stay abreast of what my kids are reading, but also to have discussions about the topics and world views within the books.
All that to say, I've fallen in love with reading YA books! Naturally, as I've fallen in love with reading them, I had to consider the possibility of writing them. And while I have a lot of other things going on my publishing career, I decided I wanted to make this move into YA now while I still had teens at home to read my books (and give me feedback!).

How do you believe this story relates to the lives of readers? 
Young people today really enjoy reality TV shows, especially ones that involve contests. My teens love watching Survivor, The Amazing Race, and even American Idol. There's just something about real competition that attracts us.

An Uncertain Choice is a little bit like reality TV, especially a show like Bachlorette (although a much sweeter and cleaner version!) where a young woman is presented with three really fantastic men. In some ways, she can't go wrong if she chooses any of the men. But readers get to join the adventure as she must narrow down her choices even as the clock ticks away to the day of her eighteenth birthday.

Aside from the many issues related to dating and marriage, the book also tackles issues like chafing under too much supervision, learning to become a strong leader, and how to display courage in different ways

Which person most influenced your writing? 
My mom was the most influential person in my writing career. When I was young, she helped facilitate my love of writing by reading aloud to me, giving me good books to read, and providing the kind of environment that fostered my creativity (in fact we didn’t have a TV for a number of years). She always believed in me, encouraged me to pursue my dreams, and rode alongside me cheering me on.

What are some of the challenges you face as an author? 
My biggest challenge at this stage in my life is dividing my time between writing and being a mom. Since I'm a work-from-home mom, there are many special issues that arise around setting boundaries, time management, as well as teaching my children to respect my work time.

And like most modern authors, we're struggling in this new age of shrinking shelf space and closing bookstores to get the word about our books out. With many readers shopping online these days, it's difficult to find ways to promote our books and get discovered by readers. We count it such a blessing when fans spread the word and leave book reviews! We authors appreciate that so much!

What do you do to get away from it all?
READ!! I absolutely love reading! When I find a really good book, I have a hard time tearing myself away from it to get to sleep.

This giveaway is for US residents only. The prize is a signed copy of An Uncertain Choice by Jody Hedlund. The winner will be drawn on March 14th. Good Luck!

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  1. An Uncertain Choice sounds like a great book, and I am looking for ward to reading it. My favorite young adult book is the Harry Potter series.

  2. I really liked The Hunger Game series.

  3. I still adore my old collection of fairy tale retellings, and Beauty by Robin McKinley is at the top of the list.

  4. Thanks for this lovely giveaway. Eleanor and Park was enjoyable. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I LOVE Sarah Dessen! She's awesome!

    I have a US address but rafflecopter might show my location outside US because I’m doing a semester abroad

    Lovely post! I love the photos and interview!!

    thank you so very much :)

  6. I did enjoy the Harry Potter series. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  7. I really enjoyed the first Hunger Games book and Divergent.

    1. I meant to put my full information on my comment, too.
      Brittany McEuen
      kbmceuen at yahoo dot com

  8. I don't have a favorite YA. I did enjoy the castle tour!


  9. There are several I have enjoyed: Under the Never Sky, Hunger Games, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. All of Melanie Dickerson's fairy tale books.

  10. It is so hard to choose a favorite. I would have to say the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer or anything by Melanie Dickerson. :D

  11. I like Divergent than Harry Potter.

  12. Hmm favorite young adult book... right now I'd have to say the River of Time Series by Lisa Bergren!

  13. My favorite YA books are all the fairy tale re-tellings by Melanie Dickerson. They are so fun to read.

  14. It has been quite awhile since I've read any YA, but I have Melanie Dickerson's fairy tale series on my TBR list as well as An Uncertain Choice which I am intrigued by. Thanks for the castle tour and giveaway!

  15. I love this! Definitely so much fun to have a tour of Rosemarie's castle!

  16. The Rush Revere books about our true American Founding Fathers History by Rush Limbaugh.

  17. One of my favorite YA books is Jupiter Winds by C.J. Darlington!

  18. I have heard so many great things about this book, I would love to read it soon! I loved "Little House on the Prairie" books. rmaney(at)firstarpchurch(dot)org

  19. hmn...I don't know, but I am certainly looking forward to reading An Uncertain Choice! I am currently rereading a new favorite called Entwined by Heather Dixon, which is an excellent fairy-tale retelling. The Goose Girl ( and all other books in the series) by Shannon Hale, Beauty by Robin McKinley, East by Edith Pattou, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons by Barbara Cohen, The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, Tales of the Kingdom by David R. Mains, & The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman are also on my ever-growing list of YA favorites... ;) Thank you for the lovely giveaway!! I truly enjoyed visiting your blog page, Angela. ~ Blessings, Juli

  20. My favorite YA series as a teen was the DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul --love medieval-styled fantasy worlds!

    Lots of YA series seem to be inspired by our obsession with reality tv --Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy is one.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  21. I am going to say An Uncertain choice is one of my fave YA adult books. I also really like Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever.

  22. I am very much looking forward to this book! I love the YA fiction section, because so many of the stories are rich, and have deep messages, but are clean (unlike most of the adult's genre). Besides, who doesn't love a medieval story about a princess being wooed by several handsome, heroic, and honorable knights?

  23. Thanks for hosting me on your blog stop, Angela! I love your post and appreciate all that you've done to support my book! :-)