March 13, 2015

The Colossus by Ranjini Iyer - Spotlight

The Colossus by Ranjini Iyer
ISBN: 9781938231858

Maxine Rosen, a demure, clumsy Chicago caterer, gets more than she bargains for when she discovers her father’s coded research document linked to health pills unearthed from the ancient Indus Valley civilization. The pills, she learns, carry frightening secrets about the true nature of her father’s death; a truth that may be more than she can bear.
Enlisting the help of handsome professor Julian McIntosh, Max boomerangs across the continents to unlock the mystery of her father’s research, struggling to keep one step ahead of a powerful German pharmaceutical company who will stop at nothing to keep the disturbing document under wraps.
A perfect blend of humor, romance, and suspense, Ranjini Iyer’s debut novel throws audiences into this all-too-plausible mystery, hurling thrills and twists that will keeps readers guessing until the chilling finale.

About the Author
Ranjini Iyer has been a business consultant, script writer, film producer and importer of Indian silk bedding. These days she lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons, plotting her next novel.

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