August 27, 2015

The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Published: August 25, 2015
Number of pages: 192
Genre: Amish, Biography, Non-Fiction

True story of a woman who left the English life to become Amish. As a young adult, Sherry Gore dreamed of a radio career, but instead a series of devastating mistakes left her wrecked and alone. Then one morning she walked into a church and the truth of Jesus’s forgiving love shattered her world—and put it back together again. Soon, the life Gore remade for herself and her children featured head coverings, simple dress, and a focus on Jesus Christ. Only then did she realize that there were others like her: the Amish.

Plain Choice is a provocative memoir of Gore’s journey toward God through the Amish community. One of the few people to successfully join the Amish from the outside, Gore learned how to live off the land and make it, grow it, or do without it. She learned the adventure of the horse and buggy life and began to thrive on faith, family, and pie. And when her teenage daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, she learned, again, how bright God’s light can shine when everything else seems dark.

What did I think of this book:
This was a very interesting book to read. I thought the author did a good job telling her story. There were  many things that I learned about Sherry that I did not know. I have enjoyed Sherry's books and it was nice to get to know her story. You felt as if you were sitting down with a new friend and she was telling you her story over a cup of tea. I think if you enjoy her books you will also enjoy this story of her life. I think Sherry is a strong woman and has overcame things and found a way to make her life better for her. This is a very inspiring story. 

About the author:
Sherry Gore is the the author of two cookbooks, "Simply Delicious Amish Cooking" and "Me, Myself and Pie" and co-author of the novel "Made with Love.” She is also a weekly scribe for the national edition of the Amish newspaper, The Budget, established in 1890. The National Geographic Channel featured Sherry prominently their documentary series, Amish: Out of Order. Sherry's culinary adventures have been seen on NBC Daytime, the Today Show, Mr. Food Test Kitchen and more. Sherry is a year-round resident of beautiful, sun-kissed Sarasota, Florida, the vacation paradise of the Plain People. She has three children and is a member of a Beachy Amish Mennonite church. When not spending time with her family, writing, or eating, Sherry is a cooking show host, and an official pie contest judge.

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